Strange viewpoint from a 50something

In the 45 minutes it took me to drive home… I could have gnawed through 45 miles of barbed wire.

(I stopped there and walked away from writing this. I was so pissed off – that the above statement was all I could type.)

she called and told me she was on her way i was so excited i kept telling other mawmaw oh when she gets here! oh i think i hear her car i see her through the window shes here shes here i scream as i run out the door she scoops me up in her arms hugging me hard and kissing my hair! gramma youre so silly i tell her

 i have something for you gramma i made it myself its a shark its for your friger ater she is taking me to the pet shop and we are going to ask if i can hold a hamster i like hamsters when i said i wanted to go there gramma said yes and then she said we could go to dairy queen after that! oh gramma.. i like the way you think i tell her she reaches over and tells me she loves me gramma wasnt it fun when i got to hold the guinea pig? no i dont put sauce on my chicken fingers gramma i only sprinkle salt on them the ice cream is meltin down my arm gramma is drivin me back to other mawmaw my momma called and was mad and gramma was mad and now i am ridin with other mawmaw and i sit in the back of this car drivin away from gramma.. did i do something wrong

I am at a loss. I should be the bigger person. I cannot. I have had it up to my eyeballs with stupid shit from this child’s mother. Her inability to grasp on to real life is mind numbing. Her mind exists wholly in “the now” what needs need to be met NOW! Someone should have kicked her ass when she was a kid, but they didn’t. Collectively they raised one of the most hateful, most disrespectful kids I have ever come across. She turned 16 and a few months later gave birth to her firstborn. This makes her 24 now, and no more grown up than when I first met her.

Help me. Please. How do I get around this mess of a girl to show the little one that all is not the chaos that she lives in? She’s only 7

I need to get a drink… there’s a funny taste in my mouth.


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  1. ohhhhhhh you rat!!!! I just realized you switched to wordpress!!! I have been checking blogger and you haven’t posted anything since we went to st. louis!!! Then you happened to like my post yesterday, and I thought… no way… she’s on WORDPRESS now… I am so retarded sometimes! Well at least now I can read you again. The blog looks great! I love the set up!!

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