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Kindness still exists.

I seem to be sharing more than I thought I would about the trauma my family is experiencing, but I find great comfort in writing about it. There is pent up anger in me as I see my Mother slowly losing the battle of mind against body, and at the same time I feel overwhelming sadness and misery. I am riding an emotional rollercoaster.

So today, even though I have much more to get out of my system, I am going to go in a different direction.

Karen and I headed to the hospital to meet Kenny and see Mom. I parked and we were walking in and I spied the coolest St Louis Cardinal bumper sticker on another vehicle in the lot. I am a huge fan of my boys of summer!!Wild Cards!! I oohed and ahhed over it! It was awesome! We continued our walk in and ran into Kenny… I had to show him, maybe he might know where to get one.. (I have to have one!!) Nope… he’d never seen one like that. He said, “leave a note.” So I got out one of my business cards and wrote the following message on the back…. “Dear Person. I love the Cardinal sticker on your car!! Would you call me and let me know where you got it? Thank you… Francine” And then I added my brother’s local number.

This was 3 days ago. I asked Kenny every day if he’d heard anything… nothing. Oh well. Today he said a guy called him about the sticker!! Oh Wow!! I was so excited!! He went on to tell me that the man (who sounded very old and on the frail side) said he was very sorry for the delay in calling, but he had to call his daughter (long distance!) to find out where she had gotten it because it was a gift!
This man, who has no idea what we are going through, took time out of his life to find the information some stranger asked for on the back of a business card… and then apologized for taking a couple days!
I asked him if he still had the number of the caller. And I called…. if you know me, then you’ll know I just had to!
It rang about 4 times and then I heard the soft voice of a very elderly woman. I told her my name and explained that I was the sister of the man her husband called about the bumper sticker. She told me that his name is Norman and he had been at the hospital to pick her up, she’s been very sick, you know.  I thanked him again, through her, saying that it always amazes me the kindness some folks show. She voiced that there wasn’t much kindness left in the world. I told her I was very glad that on this day – there was.