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A whole year??

One year ago, today, I wrote my first blog. I was inspired by a young woman who has become a very close friend. I have not been myself these days… still trying to recover from my Mom’s death. I have the words swirling around in me… but I just can’t sit still enough to type them. For all those who have followed me, I will thank you by reposting my original blog. As for my major influencer (sp) find her here…   Love you Ms. JMH!!



January 8, 2012

My First Blog.

       They say every person you ever meet will influence your life in some way. Some changes are visible immediately, some are rather subtle, and some you won’t realize their effect for years. This is where I am at. This is where I will begin. My current influencer (sp?) has lit the proverbial fire under my tail about writing. I have always been able to tell a great story but to put words to paper? In recent years I have been thinking about writing a book. But in order to begin my book writing, I have decided to start small. The above mentioned influencer is a blogger that I have followed faithfully since we’ve met. She is a source of great inspiration and I admire her. I also thank her.
I chose my blog name, “I’m how old?”, because I am over 50 and I don’t feel it. I always thought that as I grew older my mind would also. Not true. My mind is the same one I’ve had all my life and it hasn’t aged a minute!! But when I look in the mirror, a face that defies my mind looks back at me and my body, well, it’s beginning to feel the aches of growing older. I am not very happy about it. Of course, I could run out and have all kinds of plastic surgery to counter said effects… but I would go broke! Besides, wasn’t I raised under the assumption that aging is a blessing and promotes wisdom? Damn lies. My personal mantra is based on a quote I have no idea who said…. “Growing old in mandatory but growing up is optional.”
I may mature… but I will never grow up. With that said, my blogging life begins. Welcome to my world and stay tuned!!
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