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Reunited and it feels so good!

For seven solid days I have enjoyed the company of a very dear friend. I have missed her tremendously. Back together. My little blue baby! =] She’s baaaaccck!! (Thank you Dee!!) Just like a favorite sweater, I slid into the driver seat and I was instantly comforted. Driving her out of his driveway…. a 45 minute drive home and I am in love all over again. Not only did she get her driving groove back, but my sweet friend also rewired her stereo system and my little baby RoCkS!! The rumble in my tail from the vibrating subs ~ only a few will know to what I am referring.

Yes. She is a little worse for wear. But so am I. She is flawed and scarred. Just like me. Getting her back is different this time. Shes in need of a little pampering… so, I bought her some new tires. I found a new (to me) set of wheels to put on her, picked them up today even! I am excited!! The anticipation of getting her back to a glory state, thrills me so!!

I am glad the timing of her returning to my life is right now. I am walking a little taller. I am much happier. (Not having to climb in and out of that awful hoopty I’ve had the blessing to drive for the last 6 months, has made such a difference in my disposition!! ) To feel like my old self. To be my old self. Yes. The timing couldn’t be better.. I just feel incredible!!

As I write this, I feel the nervous excitement building in me, as tomorrow I begin the long awaited LoadMaster class!! I am wound up tight like a drum, hoping that I can even get some sleep! I don’t know why I feel this way. I should have felt this way about my first attempt at this certificate. But it means more to me this time. One year has passed since I failed the final test. I had passed the first 2 courses… and cocksure I would get the final course. But no. I failed. By two questions. At the time I was crushed.

In the year that has passed since that test day, I have had the opportunity to learn so much that will be beneficial to my passing it this time. I am confident. I am sure. I am feeling good. My “Like a Boss” month is progressing on plan, and almost halfway through! Well dear readers, gotta get a few things together before I hit the sack early. This girl has plans!! =]


Did someone say…. Boss?!

The month of May is mine. No ifs. No ands. No butts. I will OWN it. A very full and promising 31 days. Mine, ALL mine!!

The month of May is mine ~ I do believe this will be the turning ‘month’ in my world! So much going on! So much excitement for me! So much to plan and make happen!! I don’t think I’ve been this alive since the summer before Mom died. I look forward to May because is packed with activities to keep me engaged! I have always worked better under pressure, the more I get on me… the harder my backbone becomes. And so it begins….

The month of May is mine ~ Looks as if I will be getting my little blue baby back in running order! I have missed my car so much. Like a best friend that car has been to me. And she is being repaired as I write this!!! It’s funny, I had to drive it – in broken condition – to the friend’s home who is giving her back her groove! It’s about a 45+ minute drive, and even though she was driving wounded, it was sheer Joy to drive her again! To roll those cranks and make the windows go down!!! To turn on my much missed stereo, plug in my pod and feel my music. This is what I long for and it will happen this month! My goal is to NEVER drive the car I am currently driving – ever again! =]

The month of May is mine ~ My next greatest May event, is another thing I have longed for…. The Load Master class. It is going to happen for ME! I have been accepted into the May class! And for those in the know, I need only to complete the Weights & Balance course because they are giving me the credit for the other 2 courses that I passed last year!! This is a BIG relief for me! So for 9 days I will have my head buried in this and I will succeed! (The 22nd is test day and I ask that you send a big Atta-Girly my way!!! hahaha!!) I have arranged with my 3 jobs to take this time off to devote to the class, and all are complying. (Another brow wipe and a loud “shoooo”!)

The month of May is mine ~ I will be making a better effort to come back to this blog. I have missed writing. I’ve missed you, my dear readers!! I have missed telling a great story. I have missed expressing myself. To be honest, haven’t had much to really share because of the funk I’ve been in since my Mom’s been gone. I really find it difficult, I can write a great blog in my mind, all while I am not at my laptop. More effort from me. Promise to myself.

The month of May is mine ~ And to close out this most busy of months for me… a trip to the Lou!! Yes, this is a fun filled trip as I got the BEST Christmas gift ever!!! My girl, Shelby, has 2 tickets to see Cher, in St Louis and guess who she’s taking???? =D Yes… its MEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEME!! Oh, sorry. A bit excited. Cher was definitely a childhood idol of mine! On top of that, a Cardinal game and lots of time spent with family and friends!!

The month of May is, indeed, mine ~ I do believe that this is just the beginning of things most wonderful! I have a few other great events to look forward down this road called 2014. I am going to own every day of this fantastic year and then everyday after that, for the rest of my life. Yes, this is where I say it~~ I will own it ALL,  ALL I say!!!… LIKE A BOSS!

Whoop! Whoop!